It's all about communicating. Knowing how to persuade your visitors to take advantage of what you have to offer. Incredibly, the vast majority of websites today don't have a clue.
     In the early days, web development was the exclusive domain of computer scientists and graphic artists. All the geeks wanted to do was be the first with some technical wizardry to impress their peers. The designers were bent on creating the coolest home page anyone had ever seen. Actually communicating with users wasn't exactly a priority for either.
     It's even worse today. A plethora of basic software and all-purpose templates is allowing every Tom, Dick and Harriet to churn out millions of ugly, cookie-cutter pages. Devoid of focus, style or personality. Unconcerned with what visitors might be searching for.
     Sure, there are websites provided by trained communicators and marketers who understand the importance of connecting with people. But the cost of this kind of expertise generally adds up to a lot more than most smaller businesses are willing to spend.
     Note I said generally. There is one quite affordable way for those with a far more modest budget to avail yourself of such communications and marketing know-how.
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