The websites of a growing number of larger organisations have become far more effective than they were just a year or two back. Mainly because their development is no longer the exclusive domain of computer scientists and graphic designers. These people tended to be more interested in taking advantage of the latest gee-whiz technology and impressing their peers rather than providing a rewarding experience for their clients' visitors.
     Nowadays, the most useful websites also rely on the skills of trained communicators and marketers who understand the importance of connecting with people, giving them exactly what they're after. With as little hassle as possible.
     Of course, the cost of this kind of expertise generally adds up to a lot more than most small- to medium-sized businesses are willing to spend. Note I said generally. There is one quite affordable way for those with a far more modest budget to take advantage of such communications and marketing expertise.
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     During my years in advertising, I made many hundreds of ads that connected with people, that wasted no time in showing how they could personally benefit. Now I'm using the same tried-and-true principles to create websites. Clicking A Better Way will show you how I can make your visitors glad they stopped by.

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